youth passes as a fleeting wave-2

/November 2021

While she was reciting, a football fell on her temple. she tried to keep her balance, but she still couldn't stand still and fell to the ground in the ugliest position, a little blurred. 

In a trance, she saw as if he had carried himself into the school doctor's office and said something to the school doctor in a hurry. 

Later, she felt that her eyelids were so heavy that she gradually fell asleep. 

When she woke up, she slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was sitting in front of her bed. I couldn't believe it! 

Blink again, yes, that's him! 

The unexpected surprise spread all over her body, numb and crispy, drunk in general. 

Then she was so ashamed of her feeling that her face burned and her ears began to burn. 

He saw that she was awake, the expression on her face was unpredictable, and then her face turned red again. 

He said doubtfully, "do you feel a little feverish?" 

Shall I go to the school nurse to take your temperature? 

She waved her hand hurriedly: no, I'm just a little uncomfortable for the moment, it doesn't matter, don't worry about it! 

He looked at her and was amused, and there was a smile at the corners of his mouth that didn't know whether it was ridicule or something else. 

In her view, the smile was his friendly gesture to himself: Oh, my God! 

He doesn't like me, too, does he? 

It's better not to like him. He's so good. How can I deserve him?

At this moment, she remembered Zhang ailing's famous saying: when I met you, I became very low, all the way down to the dust, but my heart was happy. 

And a flower blossoms there. 

She thought she might be the flower that was blooming. 

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In the midst of random thinking, he spoke again: I'm really sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to. I blamed myself for my poor skills, which affected you.