youth passes as a fleeting wave-3

/November 2021

After a pause, he took out a food bag and said, "this is the breakfast I bought at the breakfast shop. do you like it?" 

Milk and pancakes--. 

She nodded busily: love! 

Of course, I do! 

Our elegant ruby prom dresses will add sophistication and style to your wardrobe. Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

This is what I eat every morning. 

She is not very interested in milk and is even more disgusted with pancakes. The strong smell of green onions will make her completely sick to her stomach. 

However, she was still happy to eat this breakfast, which was difficult to swallow in the past. She thought it was the only thoughtfulness he had for himself. Would he abandon it if he didn't accept it? 

She would never allow herself to do anything to hate him. 

Seeing her eating with relish, he got up and said goodbye: there is still a very important math class today. I will go to class first, you have a good rest, and then I will give you a handout. 

She felt happy again. What an intoxicating morning it was! 

When he was gone, she still lay on the humble bed of the school infirmary and had a dream of being sick. 

Because of her injury, their contact gradually increased. 

He helped her with math, and she helped him with Chinese. Slowly, slowly, she began to try to get into his sight. 

The restlessness of adolescence can not be concealed from the eyes of others. 

Rumors abound in the class, saying that he has fallen in love with her and that he is a couple who learn to complement each other, which is enviable.

She likes such a misunderstanding, which makes her happy. 

And his heart is full of disgust: she is short and fat, and there is a silly smile on her face from time to time, which sometimes turns people off. If his Chinese is not too bad, she can't have anything to do with her. Who makes her a master of Chinese?. 

Almost every time the composition got full marks, the Chinese old man was full of praise when he read her article, and there was nothing he could do about it.