youth passes as a fleeting wave-4

/November 2021

At this time, he thought of his beautiful girlfriend in his first love: that is a beauty! 

With a height of 1.7 meters and a weight of more than 40 kilograms, the figure of the model plus a slightly mature face is perfect! 

But in the end, it was because of studying in a different place that I failed to continue this wonderful past. 

Instead, he began to think: the core of the class, which is known as one of the top ten beauties in the grade, is also good, and her figure is graceful and graceful. It is generally accepted that she is beautiful, and her academic record is good, so it is a good choice to find her as a girlfriend. 


He sighed with loss. 

She was caught by the sensitivity and gently asked: what's the matter? 

Something on your mind? 

He gave her a wry smile: it's all right, even if I have something on my mind, I can't say it to bother you! 

She was delighted again: he was so considerate that he even carried his troubles and did not let himself worry. He was a good boy who practiced both inside and outside. 

She thought, suddenly, she blurted out a sentence that had been silently read thousands of times in her heart: can I like you? 

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He was startled: what? 

Frightened by her recklessness, she quickly pursed her lips and said nothing. 

He stopped looking at her and continued to carry the dull ancient prose in his mouth, but his heart stirred up: be a couple with her? 

Do you want to laugh to death? 

Walking together is so out of tune! 

No, no! 

In her heart, she also struggled to blame herself: how could she be so shameless to say this to a boy? 

I like his mind. Wouldn't it be humiliating if he knew? 

When did you become like this? 

How unreserved!

Things didn't go as smoothly as she thought, just like in the movie, the joint exam brought her an unpredictable change and made a complete U-turn in her life. 

At that time, he did very well in the exam, and his Chinese language improved so fast that he almost surpassed the core. 

Therefore, he confidently went to the core to express his love, but he was rejected by the core.